Thu. Mar 4th, 2021
Pay Per CLick

What is PPC?

An effective pay per click marketing campaign can provide your site with almost instant visitors and needn’t cost the earth – a Google Adwords account can be set up for as little as $5. A pay per click marketing campaign puts your ads in the enhanced listings on search engine pages and on affiliate pages of the pay per click network.

The start of your pay per click marketing campaign should be selecting the keywords which are going to sell your site. A site well prepared should already have some which you have chosen before submitting for the standard search engine listings. If not, a keyword tool such as Word Tracker and a bit of research on your competition will help you to find them.

These keywords are where the pay per click part comes in. Each time your ad is displayed as a result of a search for one of your keywords, you only pay if a click is made on your ad, not just for it appearing.

How Much Is PPC?

The rate you pay per click depends on how popular the keyword is at the time and how much you have bid to have your keyword placed above anyone else’s. Your pay per click marketing strategy is to analyze your campaign account regularly. Look at how keywords are rated, how many impressions they are getting and how many of those turn into clicks. The minimum bid in order to have a keyword active for searches should be displayed. You must then choose how far above that minimum you are prepared to go in order to stand the best chance of being the top ad for that keyword.

These rates can change daily, partly due to the fact that other advertisers set budgets. If they have no budget left, their keyword becomes inactive and bids decrease. Conversely, they raise their budget, they raise their bid and you might need to bid higher. Other factors may also change bidding rate, such as the time of year – think run up to Easter or Christmas when more people are directing these terms to searchers.

Successful pay per click marketing means keeping on top of all of this in order to produce top listings for your ad each time. You can choose to do this by yourself, or by utilizing one of many pay per click marketing help programs or companies to take some of the pressure of regular analysis off you.

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