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So the new Mac and Apple M1 Had a lot of publicity, But Cupertino Didn’t seem to be surprised by this, Because there are reports that we will see a chip, It contains up to 32 Apple Silicon high-performance cores, Not surprisingly, the chip Expected to appear in expensive Mac Pro products , Is expected sometime in 2022. However, if your pocket is not deep enough, The report will also point out that by 2021, This actually really happened suddenly. How did this happen? We may see iMac and MacBook With up to 16 high-performance cores, And the other four should be easier in terms of power consumption Realized efficient kernel.

According to reports , From 16 cores to 128 core GPUs Are also developed on a similar timeline, although Despite having all these GPU cores, the focus may still be on more content creation, Not a game . In other words, given Apple’s track record. Maybe this time we will also see a $1,000 wheel set. We will get 32 of them. (laughter) The RTX 3000 series is still as usual Difficult to operate. You may know that Nvidia notoriously claims They have enough supply, But then the demand is very high. Now it seems that Nvidia is finally behind the scenes Share more details.

Samsung is the actual manufacturing partner of the GPU , Not only suffering from the shortage of silicon wafers, But also facing other key components and materials Supply issues. NVIDIAs CFO continued, Supply will take several months to catch up. But this is only a current estimate. The good news is that she still said The situation is improving every day, More information will be released by the end of the month . Therefore, I hope that during the Christmas period, you can get News about when to get Christmas gifts.

-[David] This is some information. -We are in ” Cyberpunk 2077 is on the verge of a big release. David, how excited are you? -[David] So excited! – I know. For those who want to play games but don’t have fancy game equipment For Europeans, this is good news. We will provide Google Stadia for streaming games, It is now available in eight other European countries. Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland. The announcement was only announced today.

Some of you may not be able to visit until tomorrow. However, gamers in these countries Should be before the game release on Thursday You can use the service. This means that Stadia is now available in 22 countries/regions. Therefore, people who want to live elsewhere Get it soon too. Hehe, this is Canada No chance to miss something. It is obviously difficult to buy RTX 3090 now. So someone, Or more precisely a group of people who decided to Tighten, we will only steal a bunch.

Today, from an MSI factory in China Stole about 200 RTX 3090 cards, The value is more than 330,000 US dollars. MSI suspects this is internal work. I know who I am. Recently another major cancellation due to the influenza pandemic was announced Because of Epic Games Issued a statement stating There will be no live games in 2021. This This means that the Fortnite World Cup has been held for six times. However, there will still be online activities, Including the Fortnite Champion series. So please pay attention to this. If you care about it. And, or If you really want to reproduce the experience in the arena, you can at home Watching with a plate of corn flakes and large plastic cheese sauce.

John plays, ROBLOX. -Although Apple and Google are well-known competitors, Google has released Apple Music through Google Assistant. Means that you can now use Nest Audio Get it on the device. Considering that Google recently gave Google Play Music uses an axe , This would be a welcome addition. But dont expect Google to allow you Change the assistant’s voice to sound like Siri. This feature is not yet available. LG is famous for its OLED TVs. But now they have Established a partnership with door manufacturers, To make a transparent OLED door, When they walk into the store , You can greet people or show them ads. Do I have to live in this future? -[David] Okay, then you dont need –No, -[David] followed (Muttering to himself) Speak at the front door.

-No, I don’t want to, No, I dont want it to do what I want, This is not my problem. And if you feel bored tears during the pandemic, Now you can Realize your super spy fantasy on YouTube, now 21 James Bond movies are shown on YouTube, these movies Absolutely free, from From “Casino Royale” in 1954 to “The World is not enough.” ” Unfortunately, I think Google Stadia You cant use “Goldeneye” yet, but We are hopeful. -[David] Really? -That is our show. Come on Wednesday to see more tech news, Shake instead of shake. Then go buy a beanie.

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