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You’ve probably seen online, these whiteboard videos, explainer or explainer videos or blackboard. Videos in this are usually also called doodle videos, so, you might have seen them in information, videos in sales, videos and also in small businesses as well, that are trying to rank on google. So what happens is that most software’s that create these doodle videos will require you to drag and drop the basically the assets or the images or the drawings, but also to write the script yourself, and so in this case i bring a software that will do Everything for you, all you need to do is just write down a script, or you can also translate an already existing script, and the software will use ai to create a video, a professional doodle video for you yourself and then there’s also a webinar that is going To give out a free copy of doodle maker and also some other prizes as well.

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I’m Zach and in this Post we’re going to be taking a look at doodle maker, I’m going to go through the bonuses, demo, prices and upsells. But first I’m going to start with a short introduction or description of the product, so doodle maker is a doodle video creation software that uses ai to allow anyone, even if you don’t have a lot of design, skills or video edition skills to create these very good And professional doodle videos – and this can be created in 30 plus different languages, and all you need to do is just write a script or use the already made for you templates, and it will create the video very easily in just a few minutes so That being said, I’ve also put together some custom bonuses to make this even a better deal for you. If you do want to get the product and, if you do want to purchase, all you need to do is going to the link down in the description of this video click on that, then you will see this page, which I’m going to talk about this Wedge that i am right now, which is my bonus patch page, then all you need to do is scroll down. Until you see one of these yellow buttons, you would click on that you can, you will be. You will have available the option to get a product, but also, to participate in a webinar which is free and you will be getting. You can win a lot of different prizes, including a free copy of doodle maker, but that will be covered later on this video. These are the custom bonuses right here, which is a collection of android, vector, illustrations, 160 plus doodle elements,and so this is a collection of doodle assets, as you can see, here are some examples on the cover itself.

They are perfect for presentations for stickers, social media posts, pics videos which, in in this case, would be the most useful. They have a little bit of more pop or color compared with the stock ones that are present on doodle video itself. However, doodle video has a huge library of assets as well, then in this one you’ll be learning how to find paying clients for video services. So I’m not talking about going into the those freelancing sites where you can basically sell your services because there’s already a lot of competition on those sites. I’M talking about looking and finding these customers, then you’ll also be getting a a bonus which will talk about video seo and, for example, if you are producing content for youtube, whether that’s for local businesses that are trying to rank or anything like that or you. You even decided to create your own channel. This will be very useful because it will show you how you can rank by using the top five ranking factors on YouTube itself and then down here. As you can see, i’m going to also gonna go through these bonuses, so these are vendor bonuses. Click Below to get your copy now

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