Thu. Apr 22nd, 2021

Hello and welcome. VPN ranks is back with another VPN review! Did you know? About 75% of the world population’s data is at risk? The need to use a VPN is much bigger than ever, as people have started to become more aware of the threats nowadays. So today we have come with the review, you all have been waiting for. We are reviewing PURE VPN! Pure VPN has been considered as the best overall VPN in the industry, whether it is really that good? We’ll take a quick look on it.

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On it’s website, pure vpn is offering a staggering deal at 70% discount on its 2 year plan with a 31 day money back guarantee! But there is another thing, by clicking on the link given in the description below, you can avail even more discounts! So click on the link in the description and avail massive discount and enjoy the world’s fastest vpn now! Moving to it’s features section.

There is a list of some unbeatable features including a killswitch, split tunneling, multi logins, 2000+ servers and much much more. I personally think it’s a lot to have in such reasonable price! It is supported on almost every device and operating system available in the world. And it works absolutely fine everywhere. It also has a chrome extension for google chrome users. It has dedicated I.P. and port forwarding feature as well. Quite impressive! Its also no logs certified. It covers a staggering 180+ countries. What else can a vpn user want? It’s looks like a complete package in a very reasonable price to be honest! Now let’s quickly move on to it’s app and see how it works Pure vpn has a quite simple app with easy to use features for it’s customers. On the front you can see the locations section which has a long list of different locations.

And besides that it has a popular website tab with all your favorites to unblock! In settings, you can change the mode according to your needs. I have set mine to security and privacy. Tell you what, it’s quite awesome. I haven’t seen so many options in a vpn app. It feels so complete! Let’s connect to a server and try unblocking disney plus from outside the united states using a US I.P. address. voila! it works just perfect. No worries, you can enjoy streaming almost everything, even if anything is geo-restricted! I’ll definitely recommend Pure vpn to our viewers and all vpn users. If you are looking for the most complete vpn app.

This is the one. Take my word for it! Click on the link in the description to get a special additional discount, courtesy of vpn ranks. Also, if you want to read a detailed review, I will attach a link in the description for you to have a detailed understanding of it! That’s it for today!

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