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Ok, let’s begin here are 50 amazing facts to blow your mind: There is a comic superhero called snow flame, that’s powered by covering himself in white fire while consuming cocaine. The rooster on the box of corn flakes has a name. It’S Cornelius, rooster Chicago. A D and C Leo Burnett aka, the critter agency, created the mascot after their success with snap crackle and pop for rice, krispies and Tony the tiger for frosted flakes when you blush not only to your cheeks turn red. But so does your stomach when you blush your capillaries widen throughout your body and increase blood flow and since they’re close to the surface, it’s more obvious in your cheeks than your stomach lining the Aztecs used to call armadillos.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving and uber to create a chip bag that tells you, if you’ve been drinking. There was a sensor at the top that measures your breath and then lights under the logo, flash green. If there’s no alcohol detected or a red steering wheel and the words don’t drink and drive will show up and alcohol with present.

There are worms called wax worms that can eat and metabolize polyethylene the plastic found in shopping bags, which makes up about 40 % of the plastics used in Europe. The hope is that this discovery could lead to a method for breaking down plastic bag, landfills and clogging waterways.

There’s a building in American Sports Netherlands that has 22 emojis carved in concrete on the outside of it. It was made by changes Tauranin in the Dutch architecture.

Firm architect in the oldest woman in Canada is a woman from North Bay Ontario named Ellen gift. She is over 112 years old. She had nine grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren and 10 great-great grandchildren.

On April 26, 2017 NASA’s Cassini spacecraft came back to earth after completing the first ever dive through the narrow gap between Saturn and its rings. It came within 3058 kilometers of Saturn’s cloud tops and about 322 kilometers of the innermost visible edge of the Rings.

The United States has the largest amount of vending machines in the world at over 6.9 million. Those Americans love their snack.

Fashion, designer Ralph Lorenz. Real name is Ralph Lifshitz when he was 16 Ralph and his brother Gerry changed the last name to Lauren. Just because of how much they were made fun of in school Lauren is definitely more marketable than Lifshitz.

Elvis only ever did one commercial in his entire career, and it was a jingle for southern made donuts. He actually frequently went to the store, which began his well-known love for donuts, a loveless frosted, fried Luke’s all home.

There’s a company in the United Kingdom called an Vanilli that will bake your ashes after cremation into a vinyl record. The record can even have your own voice, your favorite songs or your last will and testament.

In 1999, General Mills introduced a limited edition box of Cheerios called millennials that had the original donut shaped cereal plus new whole-grain pieces shaped like the number two on the back of the box. It encouraged people to use it as a time capsule and even gave suggestions for what people could put in it after being released from prison.

In 1939, gangster Al Capone spent time in Union Memorial Hospital being treated for Paris’s to show his appreciation for the hospital after he was released, Capone gave them to weeping cherry trees.

In the 16th century there was a design for a piano called the cat synclavier, which was a cat piano. It would work by having cats and boxes attached, a piano organ keyboard and when a key was played, a nail would poke their tails, causing them to meow Tiger Woods’s. Actual name is elder taunt woods in his early career as a golfer. He would be referred to by some reporters as Eldrick Tiger Woods, but when he truly became famous, he dropped the Eldrick

There’s a species of spiders called the Sabrina stretching Burgi that live in the ERG chebbi sand desert in Morocco that uses their legs to perform a Rolling motion to get away from danger, they appear to be doing acrobatic flips across the desert floor, just one more reason not to go to the desert.

The phrase close, but no cigar is traditionally used when someone falls just short of achieving something. Now that you know, but the phrase originates from the early 20th century, when people would get cigars as prizes for winning games at carnivals fairs and other attractions.

Bees actually have the ability to see ultraviolet wavelengths. This is why they’re so attracted to flowers, since they have UV patterns on their petals.

The world’s largest cave is located in the fog naki bang National Park in Vietnam. It’s so big that you can literally fly a Boeing 747 through it or even fit an entire Manhattan city block inside. It is a whopping, 34 kilometers long

In 2016, the auto insurance Center searched, through over 70,000 Instagram posts, to find the ranking of US states with the most selfies taken while driving. What they found was that California was number one with 2.53 driving selfies per 100,000 residents. Man don’t be texting and driving or especially, don’t be taking selfies

The first copyright infringement case to go to trial in the United States occurred in 2009, involving a 32 year old woman named Jamie Thomas rates’, she was found guilty of illegally downloading 24 songs From the internet and was fined $ 80,000 per song, that’s a total of 1.9 million dollars in 2014.

Jama dermatology released a study that revealed that there are more cases of skin answer from tanning. Then there are cases of lung cancer due to smoking, sunblock y’all sunblock.

On April 29th 2017, an English policeman named Tom Harrison completed the London Marathon while crawling and wearing a gorilla costume from participating in the 42.2 kilometer marathon Harrison raised thirty three thousand six hundred and fifty dollars for the gorilla organization which works to conserve gorillas.

Some species of dolphins have hair at birth, but it falls out after they’re born shortly.

A French design firm named FAL Tozzi created a urinal called the yurt Anwar. It’S made of a bale of straw in turns urine into nutrient-rich compost. Okay, why not?

The world’s largest consumer of tea is China consuming nearly seven hundred and twenty six million kilograms every year

The urine of the manded wolf smells just like cannabis or weed. This is because of the substance pyrazine, which is found in both the urine and the plant in 2015.

New Yorker, Jeffrey Tanenhaus rode a commuter city, bike, 4828 kilometers across America. He was charged the highest overtime fee for the new york city city bike, which is twelve hundred dollars.

A forward. Slash is technical name is a virgule. Vesta phobia is the irrational fear of cloven people. Suffering from this phobia can have palpitations, tremors, shortness of breath or even difficulty Breathing, while wearing clothes, especially tight-fitting clothes

The royal family, are never supposed to fly on the same plane together so that the royal lineage is protected just in case of a plane crash. But Prince William broke this tradition when his son was born and took him on the same flight to Australia when Prince George was 9 months old.

In North Korea, all legal televisions only show state-controlled domestic programming and the internet doesn’t exist other than a close domestic net. This means that very few North Koreans know anything about world events other than how they’re described by North Korean state propaganda.

The very first written record of hearing loss is believed to be from 1550 BC in ancient Egypt. During that time, people would actually inject olive oil red lead, ant, eggs, bat, wings and gulp urine into their ears to try to cure their bad hearing.

There’s a faith-based nonprofit organization called mountain peaks therapy, llamas and alpacas that attempts to spread the love of God through animal assisted therapy and Camela education for all ages. You can even request themed, decorated, llamas and alpacas to be guests at any event that you’re having

There’s a mechanical sculpture called the London booster that was created by David’s Ernie to commemorate the 2012 Summer Olympics from London. It’S a 1958 double-decker bus transformed into an athlete with a pair of arms that perform a push-up motion every day at 3 p.m.

Zuri, is a stadium in Brazil. That’S supposedly located exactly on the equator. This means that each team is playing for a different hemisphere.

Singer Willie Nelson has only ever played one guitar since 1969, a Martin and 20 that he named trigger after Roy Rogers horse. The guitar even has a large hole in it from years of force from Nelson’s playing.

The Star Wars. Sound designer ben burtt created the Ewoks language. It’S a combination of Tibetan phrases and some Nepalese male hippopotamus is flinging their poop by spitting their tails around. They actually do this to impress females and to mark their territory.

Jack Black used to be a cocaine addict at the age of 14 after his parents divorced, but he got sober thanks to help of a therapist at a school for troubled youth called Poseidon.

In Los Angeles, a Chinese company called win Sun decoration design, engineer and created a five-story residential apartment blog with a 3d printer. It’s the world’s tallest 3d printed building and took 12 years to manufacture a British sensory branding.

A company called condiment junkie did an experiment in 2014, where they played sounds of hot and cold water being poured into glasses and asked people to guess if it was hot or cold believe it or not, 96 % of people could tell the difference between the two. Just from the sound, this is because the viscosity of the hot and cold liquids are different and this difference affects how it pours and therefore how it sounds.

According to a survey conducted in the United States of almost 27,000 people, the percentage of young adults between 20 and 24 years old, who reported having no sexual partner after the age of 18, increased 6 % to 15 % from the 1960s to the 1990s. This is mostly because of the cohort effect, meaning that sexual behavior appears to have changed between generations.

Freddie Mercury was born on the East African island of Zanzibar,

Mantis shrimp have 16 photoreceptive cones in their eyes. To put that into perspective, humans only have 3, which allows us to see the colors that we do, and this means that mantis shrimp have a much larger visual spectrum.

Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh suffered from epilepsy. One of the ways to tell twins apart is to look at their belly buttons. This is because navels aren’t caused genetically since their scars from the detachment of the umbilical cord after birth, and no two scars are identical.

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