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Step number one copy: this link step number two post it directly in here and click on shorten step number three get a thousand people to your clickbank offer and then get results like this. In this video i’ll show you everything, step by step, that you must do i’ll, give you free websites and, most importantly, how to promote clickbank products without getting banned. Also, at the end of this video i’ll share you a way to automate clickbank product sales.

Step 1

So you go to If you haven’t made an account, just click on sign up right here enter your first name last name and make an account. Once you made an account, you need to go to the marketplace and the niche that we’ll talk about today is going to be the new age spirituality as well as manifestation and visualization, and things like that, and you can see that in the categories here we have All of these different ones, but we’re gonna go all the way to the bottom here, and here you can see astrology, hypnosis and all of these, but we’re just gonna click on this right here here all you need to do is sort results by gravity. And here you can see the highest selling products so here it says that 200 people almost have been promoting this product very recently, and numerologist is like numerology, which means like there’s, hidden meanings in numbers.

But let’s see here so it converts two to three times better than anything else. So now that we know there’s a little bit more in here, we’re gonna click on promote, and then we can enter our hop link right here and then we can generate hoplink. If anybody goes through this link, we are gonna make money through that now i want you to head over to this website called and then paste your long ugly link in here and click on shorten. Remember to save this link, because if you get somebody to go through this and purchase you’re going to make 21 dollars, and not only that recurring in the back end as well, now you might be wondering how are we gonna promote this link?

Next Step

Well, the next step you need to do is go over to The reason this website is important is because it’s a plr directory and what plr means is products you can use with a lot of content inside of it, that you can reuse and use it on the web. And then we can place a link in that and you can make money from it just like that, so you don’t have to worry about copyright. You can do it all for free. You don’t have to pay a single cent to get access to this and what we’re going to do just look right here, click on search and then we’re going to search for manifest right here and just like that. You can see that we’re getting a couple of different free, plr products that we can click on right here and if i click on this, you can see introducing inner strength manifesto the secret to constantly generate positive energy, manifest abundance and realize your inner potential. That’S exactly what we’re looking for in a perfect product right here and if we just scroll a little bit down, you can see that we can download right now, all completely for free and just like that is already downloaded. But how does this product look inner strength? Manifesto the number one secret to constantly generate positive energy, manifest abundance and realize your inner potential and if you keep scrolling down what 95 of the people do, um not know about personal growth. So again, this product looks good.

There’s a couple of pictures in here and this information looks and feels very nice. When we opened this document, they got us a mrr license and you can see can be sold, yes can be used for personal use, yes, and it can be pretty much used for any single thing, except can modify slash change the main product. No, you can’t do that, but that doesn’t matter can modify and sell private label rights. No, you can’t do that, but you can use all of the content here all completely for free. So you can use this plr book straight up copy everything here and make a blog post or what we’re going to talk about, create a YouTube video. Well, the next step is, i want you to head over to YouTube and search for a manifest right here, and you can see these channels meditative mind, motivation, manifested and these channels that are not even talking into the microphone they’re, not even using themselves as a character. In these videos – and i want to show you how you can make a channel like this automatically without having to do much work, and also it’s completely free for you – you can get thousands and thousands of views now.

Let me show you some examples like this, so we were talking about numerology earlier. This is a channel called numerology secrets with 127 uploads and they are getting 52 000 views the last 30 days, and this is very impressive because he stopped uploading four years ago. So he’s still making passive income coming in with 50 000 views four years later, even when he stopped posting and what’s so interesting, is he head into any of the videos and then we click the link in the description. This is a clickbank product and he’s still making sales four years later from this channel right here, without even speaking into the microphone, without even being on camera, which is really awesome. Now, let me show you another channel right here called meditative mind. They actually have a 1 400 uploads, and i do have a more in-depth video about this. That is more about meditation and all of this, but you can see 19 million views right here. You know 26 to 200, 000 per month monthly earnings from this, probably making a lot more through clickbank. This is only the ad revenue and you can see that it’s only growing and the type of videos they make is you know an hour long to six hours. Long meditation, music and manifestation things in the background, which is really simple to do now. Let me show you another one. That’S called motivation manifested – and this was one of the channels that we actually found right here and what is so interesting about this is that they have 33 uploads and with that got now 149 000. Subscribers, almost 6 million total views. 420 000 views the last 30 days. You know almost 20k views each and every day and they’re, making these stupidly simple videos that they’re, not even in the video they’re only having like stock images stock footage. In the background, just like this a baby consciousness, they have all this stock image, which is super super simple to do now. Let me show you the last one which is called rewired for success and they have 55 uploads, almost 3 million views.

But what is so interesting with this is that they have hidden their subscribers, because what i think is that this niche is just blowing up so fast and you can see the videos right here literally three days ago, 22 000 views and you can see they started. You know six months ago, and now they are pretty much making a full-time living just through this channel right here, without even talking into microphone, without even being in the video, you can see the stock image. This is pretty much something anybody could do right here. So i’m going to show you step by step exactly how you can make this video right now from scratch, without even speaking into the microphone, but before that drop a like on this video. I always appreciate those likes as well as comment down below your favorite artist or band right now, so you’re gonna have to do in the thousand dollar course and don’t miss out on what i’m gonna say at the end of this video. It’S very very important to catch that, so you don’t miss out. So here’s step number one. In order to make the video yourself all you need to do is head to, or All you need to do is search for like meditation right here, and these are free stock photos and videos. Then you can head over to videos as well here, there’s literally 600 videos you can use and download for free to use in your videos, all of them right here. All you need to do is click on this video, then click on free download and just like that is downloading here.

So you don’t have to worry about copyright issues. However, these are just free videos and you can get started all for free, the other site. I recommend is storyblocks and if we got this correctly, i think i saw this video right here in this actual video right here, so this guy’s, probably using storyblocks as well, and not only that he’s using the voice of dr joe dispenza. So you just search for dr joe dispenza right here and here you could download some of his speeches. Some of his meditations, some powerful things that he’s saying and then all you need to do is get the audio and the videos and photos that you get together in the software called davinci resolve right here. This is the best video editor that is completely for free. You can just click download now and then you plop the software and video together and just like that boom. You got your video. This is one of my favorite niches to get started in, because a lot of people are interested in this and it gets views really quickly. And i want to ask you: when do you want to get started with this and start making a channel like this?

This is without showing your face at all and you’re gonna get the week number one we’re gonna go through select the best niche week. Two we’re gonna generate no face content. Week number three we’re gonna go through how to make eight times more money, just like we did today with clickbank how you can even get more money through that week. Number four we’re gonna automate and scale this. So even you can start this by yourself and then you can outsource this to an automation team that does all of this, for you very simply because you only need a couple people to work for you in order to do that. Bonus number one perfect: video scripts and templates bonus number two 57 profitable niches, just like the meditation niche there’s pretty much 56 more, just like the meditation there, so you can get started. Good luck and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog at

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