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Hey It’s Zach from YouGeek, and this is my review for Matt Pars course Tube mastery and monetization for those of you who have been thinking about this course and wondering what it involves. I am an affiliate for this course, so if you would like to use my link in this post, I would be thankful for that. It’s no extra charge to you, and the great thing about this course is: when you sign up, you can become an affiliate and you can get commissions for each sale that you get. So this is what the front page looks like and I’m just going to briefly go through each of these lessons.

To tell you what I remember about it. I’ve gone through this course a couple of times, so, let’s get started. Welcome to the course. That’s just basic information, and here in the first part, choosing niche. He goes over the overview of choosing a niche which ones to choose and choosing a niche might be one of the most important parts of this whole process, because that partly determines how much money you’re going to get on YouTube.

And it can be difficult to choose a niche to, but I recommend that you choose something you’re interested in and passionate about or good at talking about, because that will go a long way to helping you next. We have ways to go about YouTube and this lesson he breaks down different methods. You can build a brand channel where you would create the content yourself and you would talk on camera or talk off camera and he goes over lists channels where you can make your own list videos and then just talk over the videos or you can have those Out sourced and pay other people to make them, and he also talks about hybrid Channel, which are a mixture of both a brand and a list channel and myself. I made a I’m trying to make a brand channel out of this channel you’re watching right now, and I also have a couple of other niche channels that I want to try with the list. Videos, one is about motorcycles and another is about pets.

So in a next video lesson we have the best high CPM niches and one of the highest CPM niches is business and make money online. So the competition for that is high, but the CPM is also super high and then he goes into several other different niches that you can get into that pay. A lot like cars. You have to think about which advertisers are going to pay the most like. If you’re doing the Tech niche, tech companies will pay more money to advertise their tech products on your channel, so that’s going to make more money than if you were just doing like you know, entertainment videos that weren’t really targeted toward a specific niche and then the next Video section doing market research, he shows you how to research.

You know what videos are getting views so that you can set this up right from the beginning. Instead of trying to guess which videos are going to get views and then it gives the list of profitable YouTube niches and examples, a hundred, profitable niches – and I don’t remember all 100, but there were a lot in there like the gaming niche and or some others. Scary stories, movie niche news and politics, how-to videos, product reviews and the niches where you can promote products are really good because you can sign up for different affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, and you can actually list your affiliate links in the videos and make extra money That way, but going down the list here, how to set up your YouTube channel for success. He shows you how to optimize your YouTube channel so that you can set the right keywords and get the most traffic and, and then he has the 33 rule and using suggested video loops to go viral in that training. He shows you how to make 33 videos on the channel to test if it’s going to be a good niche and out of those 33 about half of them are based off of already popular videos and the other half are based off of market research.

So that’s a good thing because it takes the guesswork out of what you should try and it saves you time and then the best YouTube tool ever made is where he shows how to use vid IQ to do the market research and see which tags and which Video titles and everything are most popular in it shows also which videos are getting the most views currently and the seeker keyword process is. It involves using vid IQ to figure that out implementing the strategy and then planning your content strategy. Basically, the keywords you research will turn into the video ideas that you make, so you find the most popular keywords that get the most traffic and then you base your videos on those alright in the next section making and uploading videos overview if making the videos the Anatomy of a viral video – I think he said in this particular training – that the keys to a viral video are a high click-through rate. So you need a good thumbnail and then you need to get high watch time at least 60 % or more. And if you can nail both of those, then you have a high chance of getting a viral video and then how to systemize the videos, scripts, template for lists channels and then where to find content for lists channels.

He shows a couple of different websites where you can get stock footage and use that for your own videos, and he also shows how you can go onto YouTube and download videos and the key to doing that is to only use short clips. So if you use 13 seconds or less of someone else’s YouTube video, then if you’re adding commentary over it, then you should be safe from getting hit with reused content. It’s the key with reused content on YouTube is they are looking for you to add something to the video footage that you used. So you need to add educational value or commentary, or something where to find free, music stock footage and images that goes over. How to get all those things from different websites like pixels and the YouTube audio library and a few other places, adding subtitles to your videos?

That’s one of the things that can be outsourced and, I think, there’s a program that does it and then uploading videos. That’s simple: alright, so the gross module, the overview of growing our YouTube channel, understanding, YouTube analytics and the algorithm how to truly go viral on YouTube and the best state to upload. Here we have the monetization module ways of making money on YouTube advertisements, of course, making money with YouTube ads, affiliate marketing on YouTube selling digital products, selling merch, managing company YouTube channels. So those are all different ways that you can make money with YouTube here. We have us the last section here scaling, and this is about outsourcing the content by paying other people to make the videos for you.

He showed us how to hire just one person to do all the content creation, and he also showed us how to make a video creation assembly line by hiring a bunch of people on Fiverr or UPwork, and they each play a different part in the video creation And then that way, you don’t have to do all the hard parts of making the video like the script, writing or the editing or the voiceover, and it makes it a lot simpler if you can pay other people to do all this stuff and also a lot Faster and then the bonus module, that is an example where he shows from A to Z how he creates videos. So in this bonus he shows how to start making the video and the way he does it in this example is he goes to a website called content samurai and he shows how he finds already viral videos, and then he rewrites the script for those videos and Then he alters what is said enough, so that it’s original and then he plugs in the script into this content samurai program and it pretty much automatically makes the whole video. It adds all the text on the screen and it adds all the video clips and the images and it’s really kind of a cool thing and it definitely speeds up the video making process now I’ll go over some of the pros and cons of the course starting With pros number one, it has an affiliate program and affiliate commissions are 50 % for the course at the time of recording this video. So if you can get just a few sales that will cover the cost to the course is full of information and ideas for how to succeed on YouTube, I think there’s over five hours and 36 lessons in this course 3. You get access to the tube mastery and monetization Facebook group that now has over 300 members and Matt actively answers.

Questions in the group then, for the course we’ll show you how to set everything up from the beginning to end, so everything will be covered. Now for cons 1, you need to have a good speaking ability and an interesting personality for most YouTube niches. It’s true. There are some channel ideas that don’t require any talking, but most channels will do better with a speaker 2. If you don’t want to make the videos yourself, you’ll have to pay other people to help you create them 3 to get the most success with this course.

You’ll need to have ID to get access to the keyword research tool, and that does have a cost of seven dollars and fifty cents per month for the Pearl plane and if you want to use content samurai to almost automatically generate your videos. For you to speed up the time it takes to do editing that costs forty seven dollars a month, but there is a free 7-day trial.

So, in summary, I recommend this course to those who are serious about becoming successful on YouTube. If you have the motivation and ability to stay focused until you get results, if you have some money to invest into creating your content, if you are ready to invest in the right tools to help, you create it, and if you enjoy making videos and are ready To put in the work this course will help you succeed with that being said, if you don’t have a good speaking ability or an interesting personality, and you don’t have some extra money to pay other people to help make videos for you and you are not ready To invest in the vid IQ Pro Plan, so you can research. The best keywords then YouTube may not be a good idea for you right now.

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