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I have been doing affiliate marketing with video for many years. I use an easy method which doesn’t require you to film yourself or talk in video. You don’t need a website or any money at all to get started. All you need to get started is a PC and an internet connection. In this video I will break down the 5 simple steps you need to follow to start affiliate marketing with no money, How to make between 100 to 300 a day on autopilot.

Before we get to the good stuff I want to recommend a product to you guys click this link here. This product has given me so much information on making money online. It was all so simple why could I not see it before. If you want to learn how to make passive income online consistently check this program out it will change your life.

To be successful with affiliate marketing you need to deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time. And that essentially comes down to two things. The first thing is an offer. In order to make money, you need to have something to market. That’s why the very first thing you absolutely need is the right offer.

To find such an offer, visit OfferVault is an affiliate marketing search engine that can quickly find you cost per action offers from over 60 affiliate networks. If this is the first time you are hearing of OfferVault give this video a like. Whatever your niche is, just typing in the relevant keywords will provide you with countless products you can promote.

You can also filter by Network, category or countries.

If you know about a network or have worked with an affiliate network before, you can use this feature to select multiple networks. If you have a specific interest in a certain category like sports or social media set there here so you can choose the one that’s most relevant for you. The countries search will help you determine the offers from specific countries and ultimately lead to better conversions. as an example, let me type make money.

Here it shows the related offers how much the payout is, the type, category, the network. Let’s look at this product overnight millionaire. So for example if you want to promote this product, click join network. It is free to join. Just fill the information they have asked for.

I am already a member so I will login. Here you see details of the product. The commission for this product is 92% and you can get around 44 dollars per sale.

So If you can get 3 sales a day, you can make over 100 dollars. Keep reading, I will show you how to do that.

The next step is to copy the affiliate link. So now that you have an offer, the 2nd thing you need a Traffic Source That offer of yours has to go somewhere. Basically, you need eyes on what you are marketing.

The better the match between the traffic source’s target audience and the contents of the offer you are promoting – the higher the chance that it will be a profitable deal. So how do you sell your offer to the audience?

And that’s where video comes in. Most people create review videos or how to videos to do affiliate marketing with video.

Keep reading and I will show you an easier way on how to make affiliate videos. It uses free audio, free images, and I will even show you a simple free video editor you can use. To get free audio, Head over to It is a site which has a collection of audio files, video files, images and so on. 90% of it is copyright free click on audio. What you are looking for is someone speaking. Basically, spoken word that you can place over your videos so people can listen to. Then click on audio books and poetry in the search box type a keyword related to the product you chose.

In the example before, the product I choose was related to making money. So I need to make a video which is related to making money. Let’s type getting rich Set the media type audio Here you see various audio clips. Lets just click on this. Under usage you can see here that its public domain.

And cc. which means creative commons. You can preview and see if its something you like. Then you can download it. Now you have the audio, let’s move on to images.

You can use a site like download a few free images related to making money. Again just type on the search box and you can download a couple of images. To create the video you don’t need fancy skills. There are free editors you can use whether you are on windows, Mac or linux.

For the purpose of this post, I will use the inbuilt window video editor. Go to photos and the click on video projects. name the video, add the images and audio. Drag the audio and the related images to the story board. You can use the motion to give some variety. Once done you can render the video. Now you are done with creating the video. The next step is to upload the video to YouTube and promote your affiliate link. The most common way to place the link is in the video description.

However, there are a couple of other ways to promote your affiliate link with YouTube videos which I covered in a previous video. You can use one of those methods too. Now how do you make money. So let’s say the video is getting about 500 views each day and then 100 people clicked on the link in the video description and out of that 3 people went on to buy this product. For each sale I get a commission of 44 dollars.

If I get 3 sales a day that’s more than 100 dollars a day! So that’s how you make money with affiliate marketing with video. If you want to make 300 dollars a day, you will need 7 sales a day. Likewise, you can do the math and see roughly how many views you need. That bring me to the most important step, which is step 5.

But let’s just recap. First you need to Find a high converting offer then get related audio in the same niche Next download the related images.

Put the images and audio together in the video and add the affiliate link to the video description. So the 5th step to get the views to the video is to Promote the video to the target audience. Here are a couple of ways to do that.

I have covered in detail these methods before, I will links are in the video description. The simplest way to get views on your video is to get your video ranked on the first page of YouTube search. You can also use social media sites, like facebook, reddit, pinterest There are also specific sites where you can promote your video to get views. Now you saw how to start affiliate marketing with no money. Affiliate marketing with video is a simple way to make money online.

So give this method a try. And check out Se you guys on the next post.

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