Thu. Apr 22nd, 2021

These earnings are based on a new method I tried out recently. Yes it possible, You can make money make money from youtube, without uploading videos. I will show you all the steps I did, so you can also try it out. The way to do this is simple. The overall strategy consists of finding videos, that people uploaded to YouTube and completely forgot about.

But the real trick comes in, when you find videos that people uploaded, added a link to a website in the video description AND then completely forgot about.

These videos are still getting a ton of traffic And the owner of the video never renewed the registration for the domain. Keep watching. I will show you step by step how to find old videos like that. As you see here, at the time of recording this video, I have found a video with a link in the description, to a domain that has expired.

This video is currently ranking for so many keywords and still getting loads of views. So how did I find that video? Trying to find these types of videos manually will take many hours. So instead, I used video traffic genie. I’ve added a link to the description below, if you want to try.

Its really easy, the first step is to add a keyword, in the video traffic genie search box, Let try fly fishing as the keyword. Now it will populate all of the best videos that have links to expired domains related to the keyword I typed.

You see details of views, likes and comments the video has gotten. So let’s see if this it really an expired domain. Let me click on this link.

Yes, it says the site can’t be reached. Now to the most interesting step. How do you make money from these YouTube videos ? So these are all expired domains. That means, you can easily pick up the domain name for around $10, and redirect the traffic ANYWHERE you want!

! So next step is to get the domain. I go to name cheap, add the url and search.

Yes its available and just 10 dollars and 98 cents. Its an investment, keep watching I will show how you can earn that 10 odd dollars and more.

The way I do this, is to find related affiliate products from clickbank and feature those products on the webpage. Lets say for example, I choose to promote this woodworking product in the website. For this product, The commission for it is 70%. That means for 1 sales I get 38 dollars.

That’s 3 times more than what I paid for the domain.

So with one sale I break even and make a profit. With 2 sales I would get 76 dollars, with 5 sales I will get 190 dollars and so on. I have created videos before on this channel about how to choose profitable products on clickbank so I won’t go through it again here. I will link the previous videos in the description below, if you want to check it out. Once you select the products added to the website, you get organic targeted traffic from the old videos.

So the site today looks like this. This is just one of the many examples.

You can create many more sites like this. So, You saw that its possible to make money on youtube without filming. Basically, you can make money on youtube without making videos at all.

Of course to making money on YouTube without creating videos, still requires some time and effort, to find the expired domains and a little investment for the domain. That said, if you want to earn money on YouTube fast and don’t want to make any videos, then this is definitely for you..

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