Thu. Apr 22nd, 2021

So some very cool things have been happening to safe moon recently, as you would have seen on some of the videos that had been going around baselessly, accusing safe moon, you know of it being a scam coin, so i would like to bring to you what’s been happening for the last 24 hours. So if you were to go to crypto market coin, a crypto market cap or a coin gecko, you would see that there was an increase of 25.6 percentage for the last one hour now. That may not be too impressive, but i would say it’s pretty impressive for a weekend game, because we all know if you’re not a crypto nuke, that on the weekends, the crypto market usually mostly shows rate rates on the or on their respective charts, but this is not the case for safe mode. So if you see these two depths, they happen today, at 450 and 3 55 p.m. Right now there was a strong buy back to its previous high, and then there was a dip again and now it’s slowly going up, and so if this was indeed a scam coin, i don’t think there would be buybacks and also . Another thing that i thought was really cool is that the number of holders that has been added onto the, the the bse scan where you can actually see the growth of holders here. It was about 50 000.

Yesterday, early yesterday, and over a day a day, plus it’s grown to four hundred 56 eighteen users and that if you go on to different coins in their early days now mind you, safe rolling, has been around for only 18 days. So that’s half a month and we’ve already seen a thousand times gains and we’re hoping for an organic growth once the whales have left, and – and that is sure to be with this amount of holders adding up. Although they have seen quite a lot of dips out for the last two days, right, which just goes on to prove that this is more than just a coin and and, this makes it more exciting. So our hoping for an organic growth over the next few weeks and months and to gain more trust from the public and in fact, if you were to go and see on twitter and read it, you can see that the community is great. The people they’re great – and this is about you – know.

You know now that that that the wheels have left they are all holders, mostly wherever that’s left, and that makes it a real good investment to get into right now. Now that that the prices are low, this is a great time to get in. You know you don’t really have to wait for another dip, because we don’t know at this point of time. If another dip is even going to happen so sporting, safe moon, please hit the like button and share this on twitter. If you must, let’s make safe moon known to people who you know want to get in, but they’re thinking twice share them this link and yeah.

So you guys have a great day. God bless. subscribe to my youtube channel

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