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Safemoon, your safe way to the moon. If you guys are not familiar with safemoon, neither was i i recently came on tick tock and made a video talking about cro. I also made a video on this channel which you can check out as well, but in the comment section, everyone was commenting safe way to the moon.. So I thought that the people were saying that cro is a safe way to the moon and I’m, i believe in cro. So I’m like okay, cool cool cool and when i did a little research, I realized that safemoon is a new cryptocurrency.

It’s a new token. It’s actually 15 days old. It’s really interesting, because I’ve never covered a stock or crypto or I haven’t even looked into a cryptos currency, that’s so new! So it’s very interesting that we’re getting it early and that’s actually a reason why I’ll be adding money, but we’ll go more to that later. So first i don’t know why I keep on safemoon, it’s just called safe moon, okay and currently the only place you buy.

It is through pancakes, pancake swap and you need bnb to buy it. So it’s it’s interesting when i buy it I’ll make a dedicated video on my youtube channel on how to buy it and where to buy it, but for now keep it. Keep that in mind as well. So safe moon plans to be a deflationary currency which is a hundred percent community owned safemoon claims to be 100 community owned, owned and fair launch the dev team, burned all team coins and had to participate in a pre-sale with everyone else. So what they did to add alera security was have the development team burn all their team tokens and had to participate in the pre-sale.

Just like everyone else. All this means is that just makes it more less likely for the team to pump and dump the stock, which a lot of people are afraid of, especially in it well in cryptocurrencies in general, but especially with the new coin. Another cool thing about the safemoon is they have a unique system in place which discourages users to sell their safe moon coin. They almost have like this ten percent tax, which is disputed, five percent back to all the current holders and the other five percent, which is split into 50 50 with the 2.5, which is sold by contract to bnb, while the other half is automatically paired.

With. With previous mention bnb and an added liquidity pair on pancake swap and, like i said earlier, pancake swap is going to be the place where you go and buy the safe moon coin. So now. This is interesting because the first five percent of that tax that they’re that they’re giving back to the community is incentivizing you to keep holding your safe moon coin. So longer you hold your coin.

You keep getting that that tax, especially as popularity gains but currently they’re about to reach that 25 000 hold their mark and by the time you’ve seen this video. They might even surpass that so the more people using this, the more people buying and selling it it actually incentivizes the people that are just holding on long term. So it’s really cool that they added that into it, and I think the whole idea was just to make it a more value coin. Also, as I mentioned earlier, safemoon is only 19 days old and it’s currently approaching that 55 000 user mark. So that’s insane because guys that the the mountain speed that’s getting into into this coin is crazy, because the attention is crazy.

Like I said, I posted atick tock on cro and my conversation got slammed with safe moon and receiving rock chips, meaning it’s hitting the mainstream, which again guys in my personal investor, psychology. Anything that gets too mainstream is always it’s not necessarily high risk, but there’s a good chance that you get this pump and dump effect where you end up, buying really high and it dips. So that’s something you should consider when buying safemoon, but I mean guys we’re so early into the game that we could literally buy. It now see crazy spike. Like a lot of coins, we see see crazy spikes sell out and it might – and it quite frankly will get dumped, but again guys the time like timing in this might be crucial me personally, when i do buy safe moon again, I’m buying this and riding this out to the moon, I don’t have a set target because it’s such a new coin.

However, what I would do is I’d buy a small amount of tokens that would not cause me, any fear or anxiety if i was to lose at all, but when I see a decent upside you know a 10x or or even a smaller, a 5x whatever That may be a crazy number at that point, I would definitely you know close out and again with investors like that with people like me, who are going to buy in now and sell the peaks we will potentially see a dump in the future. So don’t think this is like pump and dump save just because this, just because the team had to get in early and even though they have these incentives in place. Just keep that in mind because again guys with any crypto with any any stock, any any investment guys it could really go. You know it could really. It can really go south really fast.

You never know so always have a plan in place and understand what you’re getting into and again remember guys. This is not financial advice, I’m not a financial advisor. So anything I do say in this video. I want you to go out and research before you make any decision and also, if you enjoyed the video so far make sure you hit that subscribe button hopefully make my day and make you a little bit of money so pros and cons. So, first pro being the developments team coins were burned at launch, which again it just all, does it makes it it makes it look like it’s it’s safe from being a pump and dump.

However, nothing is could be said for sure this could be a setup. It just wouldn’t really make sense at this timing. At least another major pro, for this is the incentive that five percent that’s going to be given back to the community, which is going to be insane because again, it’s just incentivizing you to hold the safe moon again. The reason why i was so interested in cro – and i even made a cro video in the first place and thanks for all the love on that video was because it’s incentivizing users to get that cro card to get that card.

And it was. It was again connected to the native platform. That’s why i made it such an interesting crypto to buy in now. This has a similar positioning with them, rewarding their holders almost like a staking reward. So that’s definitely a pro on my list.

The third point on my list – and again this is this – will vary from investor investor. Is the fact that it’s just so new, it’s just 12 days new again guys this could go south real bad by the time this video is posted and uploaded for all. We know this tanks to the ground and it’s over, but again the upside is also crazy. If we could see this right out, if we get in super early at day, 13 or even day, 14 or 15, depending on what day, you’re watching this, it could be a crazy ride and that’s just a pro for me – a unique position. I don’t see any other advisors and professionals seeing this as like, you know a pro, but in my book it is it’s kind of cool to get in early kind of you know, get it at a lower price, but again just watch it because A ton of hypes are around the stock, so we potentially see this crash very fast.

I don’t want my viewers to buy it at the wrong time. So again always remember a dollar cost average and only invest the money you’re willing to lose. Because again, if this goes south, I don’t want you coming back here crying. I don’t want you crying period, so just be safe with that now the condor that’s over 770 trillion coins in the coin supply right now, and that’s just too too much so to see this hit even 25 cents. It would be a big jump.

It’s 10 cents. Would be crazy too, so that’s something they keep in keep in mind with the supply being that high and the demand not there yet with you know: 70 70 trillion coins and 25 000 users and the ratios are not looking so great. So that’s definitely a con and that’s about it guys, in my opinion, I’m not crazy bullish on this. I’M not crazy bearish on this either it’s just it’s so new to me. I just had to cover it and look.

I i just started looking into it because again the the amount of tick tock comments. I got talking about safe moon, so i had to look into it and see what it’s about. I definitely i my eyes are perked on this and I’m definitely gonna be buying some safe moon coins in the near future. Probably within next couple of days, and when i do be sure to know that a video will be uploaded on how to buy it. And we’ll go through screen recordings on the exact process.

So if you want to see that make sure you subscribe and stay tuned because we’ll definitely be covering that and that’s it for this video guys. So this was a unique topic that i talked about because yeah i talk about crypto, but something like this, where it’s like a a penny coin is that is that a is that a terminology, but you know kind of like a penny stock, but in cryptos Is something that I usually don’t cover? You know and never thought that I would cover, but if you want to see a specific crypto being covered on this blog or a specific stock drop down the comment section below and if I see enough attention around it it’ll definitely make a video and give my Two cents on it, a couple of the stocks and cryptocurrencies are added to my list currently so stay tuned for some of those. So until next time, guys, if you enjoy posts like this, do make sure you subscribe.

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