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Do you have the opportunity to invest in Safemoon? Well, hurry up when the coin is still young. Safemoon is a token that has recently been hyped in the market, but it has already enabled some cryptocurrency traders Made a lot of money. So, is Safemoon a 1000 times potential coin or a scam? Welcome back to Money Side.

I thank you for all the love you have shown me and also enjoy reading all the comments you share. So, I want to say thank you.

Yes, let’s talk about the potential of Safemoon and 1000X. Yes I know; 1000 times the sound sounds ridiculous, especially because Safemoon has just entered the market a long time.

But before you bite my head, let’s take a look at Safemoon and explore some reasons.

Please keep in mind that I am not a financial advisor and I have not yet learned from Safemoon Get any paid promotion . I’m just an avid cryptocurrency investor and trader, I love working with you Sharing cryptocurrency information. So let’s get started. Is Safemoon a scam?

The term scam can scare even the most professional traders. However, with recent online reviews about Safemoon, we have to talk about it. Tell everyone the truth, I know most of you will be absent, but you can’t Know if Safemoon is a scam. We can only use the information they provide us to ensure that it is worth the investment. For example, like their official website safemoon.

net. It has been carefully designed to show that they have spent some time constantly updating it. Well, that’s right! The original website looks different from the current website. But this is definitely a good thing.

It shows that the technical team behind this token is constantly improving the platform.

hold up! Do you even know what Safemoon is? If not, please stop watching this video and check my other uploads on safemoon. You can click on the upper right corner.

That should give you a more detailed explanation of what Safemoon is and even how Buy this token. In addition to the website design, Safemoon also listed a white paper on its website. The white paper discusses what Safemoon is trying to achieve through its design and its blocks The way the chain is designed. It is not as detailed as other major cryptocurrency white papers (such as Ethereum). But again, the goal Safemoon is trying to achieve is different.

In addition, the team behind Safemoon is also listed on its website. When you click on the “Our Team” section on the website, you will see behind this token Phenomenon team. This is a unique quality that we cannot see in the latest hype. Usually, when the token is hyped, the team tends to hide behind the curtain, and But in fact, it’s not. I’m not saying that Safemoon should be excluded from the scam, but this will only establish investors’ Confidence, and they have done incredible things in this regard.

Each team member has a LinkedIn profile and other social media platforms where you can Verify its authenticity. Safemoon’s roadmap, as you’ve noticed now, Safemoon changes Has completed its RoadMap plan. In the first quarter of 2021, Safemoon is paired with Dogecoin on Bibipom. This exchange is relatively popular, but it has not yet reached Binance, Kraken and Coinbase the height of. The website has also been carefully designed and is worth a try.

I will keep a link in the description section below. Safemoon also started legal paperwork with Whitebit, according to its platform With the latest update, this token is now available on BitMart. This shows that Safemoon is gaining more trust in the cryptocurrency community. As a result, the price of this coin soared. In the second quarter, Whitebit token integration will be App, Wallet and Game are completed together.

Safemoon will also work to integrate NFT and video game exchange. The blockchain will also take other steps, including entering Africa Market, establish charities, explore other cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance and many more.

They are also considering expanding their UK/Ireland office by 35% and designing an encryption Educational application. The third quarter will finalize all the milestones completed in the second quarter . Blockchain will also enable the team to expand by another 25% and will be held after COVID-19 restrictions Community gathering.

How many of you want to attend these gatherings? Leave your comment below because I know I will go.

This is a reliable plan to ensure that cryptocurrency investors can meet and talk about Safemoon’s future. The Safemoon exchange and charity project will be completed in the last quarter of 2021. Blockchain will also be integrated with the African market for the first time.

Safemoon plans to open offices in Africa to create job opportunities. They will also start a scholarship program. The “Merch” section of the safe zone creates a “Merch” section for purchases Products with the Safemoon logo.

Some of the items in this section include the official Safemoon hoodie, T-shirt, jogger And hat. I am more like a person with a hat, so as soon as I have the opportunity, I will do it right away.

You can make purchases anywhere in the world, and of course they will charge extra Ship it to you. It is obvious from their website that the main concern of developers is cryptocurrency How speculators, especially “whales,” caused a valuation bubble that almost inevitably burst , Thereby damaging the brand and its future prospects. In order to solve this problem, SafeMoon focused on developing its so-called “Secret Seasoning”: an automatic liquidity pool, through which loyal investors get rewards, Speculators are discouraged.

Under this system, the seller will pay a 10% fine, half of which will be redistributed to Existing owners, thereby helping them to establish the desired “base price”. The main purpose of SafeMoon is to stand out from Warren Buffett’s investment book.

Developers are keen to promote the concept of “buy and hold” and get rid of The reputation of cryptocurrency as the wild frontier of the investment world has been damaged. As SafeMoon said on its FaceBook page: “Remember, it takes time to reach the moon, and The longer the holding time, the more tokens you will get. ” So, what’s the next step for SafeMoon? The developers stated that they are working with WhiteBIT, a cryptocurrency that provides more than 150 trading pairs. Currency exchange to fiat currency) and BitMart (cryptocurrency exchange Platform) for the integration process.

In the second quarter, they will start developing NFT exchanges (crypto users and companies can In which irreplaceable tokens are traded), SafeMoon Exchange, and Together with other exchanges such as Binance and Mandala Explore options. Their aim is to hire more employees, open offices in the UK/Ireland, and cooperate with Africa Market connection . In order to demonstrate their social responsibility, SafeMoon is developing a feature featuring SafeMoon Charity projects, scholarships, encrypted educational applications and video games. Any investment decision must weigh value and growth potential, and the same applies For cryptocurrency. Each Bitcoin is already worth about 60,000 US Dollars, and the unrealistic prediction is 100,000 U.S. dollars. Because institutional adoption is just accumulating momentum.

BlackRock, Mastercard, Tesla and PayPal are all on board. Should I invest in Safemoon? You will not go blindly! The coin is heading towards the moon, I mean it literally. Token has made great achievements this year, if I can say that in this field , We can think of it as a “baby” cryptocurrency.

Most importantly, according to current trends, this coin will set a higher high. If the value of Bitcoin continues to grow, then other cryptocurrencies (such as Ethereum, Chainlink, Synthetix, and Doge) Will also grow. Why not choose SafeMoon? Please remember that we are not a licensed financial advisor. All videos on this channel are for entertainment purposes only.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below and let us have a conversation. Thank you very much for reading


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