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Safemoon is heading to the moon, I mean literally! I have never seen a coin It is in full swing throughout my entire encryption life, even if it is still a loser until Safemoon. It’s no secret, most people don’t even understand the cryptocurrency and why it’s so hyped, But it is still not listed on some major exchanges. Is this coin real? Or better yet, Why is there such a large-scale gathering behind?

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Right, let’s go straight to Safemoon and why I think you should be in this Investing in coins when they are still in their early stages. The reason behind Safemoon’s mass rally Safemoon is a DeFi token that has increased by more than 2900% in less than two weeks.

And it continues to rise, attracting thousands of cryptocurrency investors to invest in this token. In addition to Dogecoin, XRP and Bitcoin, Safemoon is the next big cryptocurrency to cause a sensation in the market.

Token is a decentralized financial token, and its role is far more than just cryptocurrency. This newly launched coin aims to reward holders for not selling their coins, and to Anyone who sells them quickly is fined. Safemoon will charge a 10% fee for all transactions.

And charge a 5% fee to anyone who holds this token. The blockchain plan An NFT platform will soon be released, which may see the price of tokens skyrocket. So far, Safemoon claims to have donated $700,000, which will help them create NFT platform. NFT is a new project in the crypto market, and we cannot get enough funds. Cryptocurrency artists are turning simple memes, GIFs and artworks into NFTs that can sell for millions of dollars in a matter of weeks .

There is no doubt that NFT is completely changing the way auctions are, and how we see it Simple things in life, such as a tweet that sells for $2.9 million. Do you believe? All in all, if Safemoon incorporates the NFT market into its ecosystem, then This token will immediately become unshakable. And, if you haven’t guessed yet, now is to buy as many Safemoon as possible The best time.

The price of Safemoon suddenly soared On Friday, April 23, the price of Safemoon will drop, depending on your current location. After only a few minutes, the price climbed to more than 200%. This is a solid bullish trend, And this token did not come in handy. As it happens, Safemoon CEO John Karony said on Twitter that he will answer questions about Safemoon live And the question of where the token is going. He also added that the cryptocurrency has Locked in 250 million US dollars from the liquidity pool.

This new information will continue to drive the coin Prices skyrocketed. Most importantly, a tweet may drive the price of the token Rising, the fact that Safemoon is still in its early stages. There is no doubt that we are Witness the rise of another crypto giant. The best part is, The longer you hold Safemoon, the more rewards you will get. There is nothing better than this!

To be honest, by now, you should already know that this coin is not a scam. but, It has a unique protocol and mining process that can arouse suspicion of any new cryptocurrency trader. Fortunately, in order to build investor trust and encourage new traders to join, John Karony appeared in front of the public to answer all your questions. I’m looking Throughout the game, he did a great job in the game. If you have any questions about this, don’t do it now.

In addition, John Karony admitted that the token is still small, but it is currently The world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency with the most obvious trend. Safemoon also To obtain a transaction from China, the exchange knocked in on how to deposit the token. However, John went on to say that Pancake has the proper value of Safemoon, therefore, If you want to exchange Safemoon, that is the right place. He also confirmed that they are trying Contact Binance and other large exchanges for listing. They may not have much information about their platform Data, but this interview not only guarantees that the token is about to head to the moon.

Should I invest in Safemoon? Safemoon is a risky cryptocurrency , May cause you to suffer a lot of losses. Therefore, when investing in this altcoin, I suggest you proceed with caution . In addition, only the equity funds you are prepared to lose. However, the risk of using this coin is small.

You can wait for Safemoon to Major exchanges such as Binance or Kraken Go public and then trade. According to its current trends, By then the token may exceed the $1 mark. This can be expensive. So yes, Waiting is safer, but it may not be as profitable as it is now. That is the gamble that all traders must face, especially in this market.

In the past few days, we have witnessed a massive encryption crash, maybe, Safemoon is your “safe haven”. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are currently falling, which is true for any trader a lot of pressure. So, how do you get back to the market? simple! Take a risk and spend a few dollars on Safemoon , And then sit there as insurance for the next few months.

All in all, before investing money in Safemoon, please Make sure to contact your financial advisor. In addition, you can check out my other videos on how to buy this coin. Hype the storm in the universe After that, SafeMoon crashed back to reality. last weekend, SafeMoon has attracted the attention of cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts after earning more than 99% of its revenue. According to data from CoinMarketCap, on April 20, the token quickly rose to the highest level, and the transaction price was $0.

000013 . The DeFi token was created by John Mating, Designed to circumvent bank loans and establish a peer-to-peer network. Since its release, the generation Coin has always been a topic in the crypto community because it rewards investors who buy and hold the token. This is a cryptocurrency on Binance Smart Chain, the initial market value Approximately US$50,000. After becoming more and more popular on TikTok , SafeMoon’s price and market value have become parabolic.

In just three weeks, the tokens have grown by 2,200%. Not before. Earthquake collapse The parabolic rally ended quickly on Thursday morning when the digital token was lost Shocking value.

The token lost two-thirds of its market value in just one hour, From as high as $0.000015 down to $0.

000005. The team behind SafeMoon seems to admit This plunged. The official Twitter account of the agreement reads: “Who said it won’t show up Turbulence,” he added, investors should continue to hold. Many investors seem to Take a positive attitude towards the comment and send a booster rocket to infer that his mood will continue. Since then, the price of SafeMoon has risen slightly from CoinMarketCap to $0.

00000504 per data. Please remember that we are not a licensed financial advisor. All videos on this channel For entertainment purposes only. under Tell us what you think in the comments section , Let’s have a conversation. Thank you very much for reading.

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